WinFun Caesar The Lion Lets Read-009209


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– Speaks Polish.
– They have over 90 questions in quizzes.
– Encourage the repetition of sounds.
– Teach shapes, colors and counting.
– Allow yourself to have fun.
– They have moving and light elements.
– 6 different games.
– They teach and play.

The book teaches and amuses. It has 6 different games (3 in learning mode and 3 in quiz mode). Encourages the repetition of sounds. Teaches shapes, colors and counts. The book has 5 moving pages with comfortable bookmarks for translation. The children will find colorful illustrations with pictures of animals, objects, natural phenomena, colors and shapes. By sliding a green circle, we launch 3 fun: name pictures, colors, musical fun. Red button “?” Launches quiz mode (3 different quizzes depending on the location of the green circle, more than 90 questions). The child has 3 chances to give the correct answer. The book has two levels of volume control.