Pool maintenance kit INTEX 28002


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A universal set that effortlessly allows you to deal with pool pollution.

The set includes a net for collecting debris from the surface of the water and a vacuum nozzle – a vacuum cleaner with a bag for collecting debris, which serves to clean the bottom of the pool from pollution.

Both nozzles are attached to a lightweight telescopic aluminum handle 239 cm long, providing access to any point of the pool with a diameter of 457 cm.

The net is made of a strong, finely meshed polymer mesh, which allows filtering relatively small particles.

The vacuum nozzle connects to a garden hose and has a reusable dirt bag.

You should turn on the water and slowly move the vacuum nozzle along the bottom of the pool: the dirt from the bottom of the pool will collect in a bag.

All pools need daily care: an inflatable pool and an intex frame pool are the hit of the season!