Pool frame Intex Prism Frame Pool, 366 x 76 cm + filter pump-26712NP


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The frame pool INTEX PRISM FRAME POOL is easily and quickly installed using minimal technical means. A beautiful, compact, functional, easy-to-use pool will give the whole family a lot of joy.

The assembly process, before filling the pool with water, takes about an hour.

For installation, the pool does not need special preparation of the soil, any flat horizontal surface, freed from foreign objects, is suitable.

The strength of the INTEX PRISM FRAME POOL is determined by its steel frame, thanks to which the pool can withstand heavy loads. The shape is maintained by a polypropylene tape that “girdles” the entire pool.

The patented technology of the bowl material ensures the reliability and durability of the pool. The walls and bottom of the pool are made of three separate layers: two layers are made of dense PVC, resistant to impacts, stretching, abrasion and sunlight, one layer is made of extra strong polyester that reinforces the walls of the pool.

The kit includes a filter pump with water hydro-aeration technology , which provides high-quality water purification from mechanical impurities. And thanks to the special nozzles included with the pump, the circulation and filtration of water improves, it becomes more transparent, and the amount of negative ions on the surface increases, which makes the air fresher.

There is a convenient drain valve that can be connected to a garden hose. Thanks to this, the pool can be quickly emptied by draining the water to any convenient place.