Magic Castle Justice magician Harry Potter Harry Potter children’s toy-A19032


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The designer Justice magician Big Room Hogwarts will transfer the player to the ceremony of distribution of students in the faculties of the school of magic. Presented by a set of 878 elements, it will reveal the secrets of the world of magic.

Architectural structure of beige-gray color with elements of Brown inserts. It consists of a main hall with high Gothic windows and a four-story tower, venting a stud. The interior of Harry Potter of the big room of Hogwarts decorate the canvases with the image of the coat of arms of the faculty of Slytherin and gryffininin On one side there are tables with couches and wooden shops. On the other side of the hall is a podium for the battle of mages, which compete in the mastery of Harry Potter and dracomalfoy. Just below is a treasure room with a hat-distributor and a wooden chest. On the second floor of the tower in the designer Harry Potter the big room of Hogwarts, which can be bought with delivery in Russia, is a class of potions. Down the Spiral stairs you can find yourself in the basement where the evil vasilisk hides.