LEGO Technic Container Yard Building Kit (631 Piece)-42062


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LEGO Technic Container Yard 42062 Building Kit (631 Piece)
Product no .: 42062
Number of Pieces: 631
Battery use: No
Battery included: No
Shipping Weight: 1.1 Kg
Product description
Possible container features include work steering in the articulation, doors in the opening, removable trailers and trucks, and 2, in addition, extendable boom Grabber for container loaders and worked steering and operation
It comes with a uniquely decorated LEGO TECHNIC 40th anniversary adapter for this model
In 1 straddle-carrier is different from container truck and container rebuilding model.
Container Loader and Boom Extended Measure Measures 9 “H” 23cm, Holds 1130cm Length, 39cm, 3 “Depth (10cm) Height, 9” (23cm) otherwise Boom Shortened Will be
Container straddle-carrier fully expanded size Height 9 in (24 cm) or more, 4 inches (11 cm), length about 9 inches (24 cm), depth 6 in 17 cm, displayed above 4 (11 cm ) Wide is shortened