Barbie dreamtopia princesa trenzas


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Heroe              Barbie

Age from:         3 years

Young designers can create the look of their dreams with Barbie Dreamtopia Princess Fabulous Chioma. This Barbie Princess is characterized by 22 cm long hair (8.5 inches), rainbow-colored extension to be haired and woven and a tool that makes styling easy and fun. Pettina Barbie’s hair, then insert two or three of the pearls into the special styling tool and create fantastic hairstyles by simply pressing a button. Customize the look of Barbie Princess with colorful claws and a tiara and bring it with you in an enchanted adventure. With many different styles and as many possibilities of narration, the Princess Barbie Chioma da Favola is a great gift for fairytale lovers from 3 years on. The doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.