3D pen Rich Fish Toys rechargeable-9909


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Pen in a charming “eared” body for safe low-temperature 3D printing. Supports eco-friendly PCL filament – 8 colors included. Built-in battery – 1 hour battery life. MicroUSB connector for power – can be connected to USB, charged from a power bank. With a 3D pen, you can draw in the air, creating 3D shapes to play with, give to friends or decorate your home. Magic, you say? No, just a gadget that will forever change the idea of ​​drawing.

How it works In fact, this is a regular pen in a thick case with buttons. But there is no ink inside. Instead of them, a colored plastic thread is refueled – a filament. After turning on the pen, the tip heats up, melts the filament and squeezes it out. After some time, it solidifies in the form that you gave it. Wireless The pen is powered by a built-in 500 mAh battery. The charge is enough for 1 hour of battery life. Charging time – 1.5 hours. Charges via micro USB-connector using the supplied cable. Plug into an outlet or use a power bank.